We value

growth companies



Arjan Bisseling

Arjan is a tax advisor and partner at AsjesBisseling with prior experience in PwC.


Sven Kempers

Sven is an investment manager for life sciences and med-tech at Oost NL Capital.

Valuation specialist

Evrim Ă–ztamur

Evrim is a valuation analyst specialised in high-growth technology and bio-tech firm valuations.


Tax valuations and forecasts

Valuations for tax purposes are important during the key events (e.g. investment rounds) in the journey towards an exit. In these situations, compensating important members of your team can become a crucial part of your success.

Greenfield Valuations has the experience and expertise to assist growth companies in determining the value at these key events.

Investment valuations

Based on the company's financials, we prepare pre-money discounted cash flow analyses to determine the enterprise and equity value of the company.

Our tailored solutions help you make informed decisions about financing and equity compensation plans, while also reducing income taxes due.

Scenario analyses

Based on the management's expectations regarding the exit value of the company, we construct a scenario analysis to determine the net present value (NPV) of the specific class of shares in question.

We use predictive models to assess the value of your business and develop a detailed financial projection for future cash flows.


Waterfalls paint a complete picture of your company's current equity distribution and give you an overview of how profits are distributed.

They also include relevant details such as the number and ratio of shares issued, when dividends have been paid, and who owns options or warrants.